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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Here is Why - Part II

As proffered in the previous article, institutionalized, political and governmental corruption is the direct cause of the injustices performed at the local level against those of no means, those not of the ilk that is the establishment, those that are simply not liked. Local lawyers, judges and governments are the seat of the criminality that infests and permeates this country. 

As Mark Levin said last week when decrying the illegalities by the FBI, by Congress, by judges, by …, "We have widespread lawlessness".

As but one example here is a case that occurred not too long ago right here in your own Collier County. One day an ex-wife, two years after receiving everything in a divorce ... house, all money, retirement, all assets ... schleps into the Florida Department of Revenue office and claims that she has not received the alimony she was entitled to. Without a hearing, without a trial, without due process, mainly violating the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution the ex-husband's salary is seized - and seized for the ensuing two years.

Consider the significance of what happened here (verifiable by those so interested) ... anyone can fill out a form, the form need not be judged or adjudicated or validated in any way, and the State acts on it unilaterally by seizing a man's salary.

Attempts to address the issue at the Collier County Court went on for nearly two years. Lies were told, documents withheld, witnesses tampered with, discovery adulterated, money laundered, fraud perfected on the court … not only by the ex but by her attorney. All leading to the destruction of a man and the relationship with his children. The Court, buddy-buddy with the misandrist attorney for the ex, refused to let the obvious and the written word and common sense deter the bigotry - in fact, the Court encouraged the racism.  Even the man's military service, for which he receives disability, was openly mocked in court, ridiculed,  denigrated, all as his highness the good ol' boy Collier County judge smirked in accepting silence.

The lies begot bigger lies, the fraud begot bigger frauds, and both created a false basis by which everything else followed. Not dissimilar to how half the country still believes that another albeit more renown liar is the smartest woman in the world (despite losing a presidential election to a vulgarian neophyte, despite leaving an ambassador and four others to die, despite giving away the country's uranium so her rapist husband could earn obscene speaking fees, despite violating the Espionage Act, despite ...)

And does anyone still wonder why criminals are free to live their lives not only unscathed but in open mockery of the clearly putrefied legal "system"? As with all attorneys and judges - yes, all, (the “I was just a guard at Auschwitz” defense was ruled invalid by the Criminal Court at The Hague) - "Now all of the criminals in their coats and their ties are free to drink Martini's and watch the sunrise." (Bob Dylan).

In another nearly identical case to this, but different because this other man had the means to appeal and appeal and appeal, a federal judge overturned a local Collier County-ish Court ruling with these words:

The extensive record clearly demonstrates that petitioner's convictions were predicated upon an appeal to racism rather than reason, and concealment rather than disclosure. Were it not for these grave constitutional violations, the court concludes, for the reasons hereafter set forth, the guilty verdicts of the jury might well have been otherwise. However, this court is convinced that a conviction which rests upon racial stereotypes, fears and prejudices violates rights too fundamental to permit deference to stand in the way of the relief sought. It would be naive not to recognize that some prejudice, bias and fear lurks in all of us. But to permit a conviction to be urged based upon such factors or to permit a conviction to stand having utilized such factors diminishes our fundamental constitutional rights.

Sit silently, let the criminals escape justice, and wait until they come for you.


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