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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Local Attorney Accused of Lying, Witness Tampering: Florida Bar says "It's OK!"

A complaint was made with the Florida Bar 2015-10,973 (20B) regarding claims and allegations local 'attorney" Cynthia Hall made in open court. The Florida Bar, with nothing more than contacting said attorney, responds by saying, well, since the case is still ongoing, well, it's ok.

Even better, same "attorney" Cynthia Hall contacted a witness under subpoena and on a "sticky-note" instructed the witness to NOT turn over requested documents. The witness, having some scruples, and realizing that by not turning over the documents he would be in violation of the law, thought better of it and did turn over the documents. But was is interesting, is that the Florida Bar did not contact the witness, did not look at the written note, but simply said, by completely ignoring this charge, well, that's ok too,

We are not making claims as to the veracity of what local "attorney" Cynthia Hall said - for all we know, in the realm of all possibilities in all dimensions, anything is possible. But two things are certain: the communication in writing with the witness and the Florida Bar's refusal to do nothing more than to take the word of one of their own over that of one of their victims.

So the next time you think that the Florida Bar is there to maintain integrity in the practice, think again.


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