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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Liars and Idiots are Everywhere

The ExxonMobil crude oil pipeline leaked near Mayflower, Arkansas on March 29, 2013. Public officials have not quarantined the area or warned the residents about the dangers because they believe there is no health issues. Residents reporting symptoms and seeking medical help are being discredited.

Similarly, the public "officials" on Marco Island not only refused to acknowledge a health risk when they were violating the Clean Water Act by pumping millions of gallons of effluent infused with lethal-levels of hydrogen sulfide onto lawns and into the Gulf of Mexico, but went as far as denigrating those that raised the alarm.

And if Mayflower and Marco Island didn't have more in common than liars and idiots as official pols, notice this quote issued yesterday by doctors and health authorities looking into the spill in Arkansas:

According to April Lane, levels of toxic chemicals released by the heavy crude spill are not being properly monitored, recorded or reported. "A lot of the released chemicals - benzene, hydrogen sulfide, toluene - are still extremely toxic, especially to children, the elderly and pregnant women, at very low levels," said Lane.

Let's see if April Lane gets sued for speaking the truth. Probably not, for Arkansas having been the home to the founding of the KKK in 1868, Collier County has a more sinister mob - the syndicate. 

source: RT News.


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