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Sunday, June 23, 2013

FDEP Proven as Scam Outfit - Again

As was proven myriad times in these pages during the environmental destruction of Marco Island by the syndicate, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection not only refused to stop the contamination, but was a co-conspirator.

Now an insider - a person with integrity unlike the hypocrites that we were dealing with - has come out and publicly validated what we have known all along: the last thing the FDEP is interested in is in protecting the environment especially when it comes to placating the mob or big business or the syndicate.

Click this link for an exposé by the Tampa Bay Times


Let's save Florida the $1.5BILLION annually wasted by the FDEP - abolish it.


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  • NEWS --- Our Marco Island Finance Director/CFO has a recent history of multiple fore-closures, bankruptcy, and small claims judgment against him.
    All these immature and irresponsible acts were within a 2 year period, and occurred within 2 years of the time we hired him.
    During those 2 years, this CPA was steadily employed with no gaps in employment history, so there are no excuses for failing to honor his financial contracts.
    This does not inspire confidence in his financial management or his commitment to honor obligations.
    So, I had to wonder who would hire someone with this history to oversee our city finances; to be in charge of over $300Million of our tax dollars; and why?
    If he can’t manage his own finances, why would we trust him to manage ours?
    So, I went to our City Manager, and to our City Council, and asked them, and requested that he be quietly removed from that position.
    They refused to take those actions to safeguard our money.
    So, I’m asking the citizens of Marco – would you hire someone like this as your CPA, or to represent you against auditors, or the IRS?
    Would you give him access to your bank account?
    I urge you to contact our City Manager and the City Council at council@marcocitycouncil.com or 239-389-5000, WHILE OUR MONEY IS STILL SAFE.

    I confirmed the information, finding it accurate.
    Why would we hire someone with a very negative financial profile?
    · Two verified foreclosures,
    · First, 2011 [10-CA-054703]
    · Second, in 2012 [10-23037-CA-09])
    · a verified 2010 small claims judgment [10-SC-002604]

    The report also reveals a bankruptcy in the Middle District of Florida, Case 9:11-bk-05297-FMD filed 3/24/2011, and mandated completion of a “Course in Personal Financial Management.”

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sunday, March 09, 2014 6:33:00 AM  

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