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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Marco "Newspapers" and the Joel Sham Lawsuit

When Arnon (aka Rony) Joel filed his sham "liar" lawsuit over 18 months ago, a Marco Island alleged "newspaper" sent out a "reporter" to cover the story by interviewing the defendant - this online newspaper.

What was odd about said interview was not that the reportette was clueless about the illegal asbestos crushing and illegal asbestos burying and about the City of Marco Island lying to the EPA and about the City of Marco Island pumping millions of gallons of toxic effluent into the Gulf of Mexico and the fact that the Florida Department of "Environmental" Protection was a willing accomplice in all of this, but what was odd was that the reportette had the lawsuit before it was even certified for service to this newspaper.

Oddities being of interest to a real newspaper, she was asked "How did you find out about the lawsuit even before being served?" to wit she replied "Oh, we routinely monitor the Collier court cases and their status regarding Marco Island."


So, has the same newspaper been monitoring the Collier court cases and their status? Has any "newspaper"?

Of course not.

Here is why ... as best described by an Israeli newspaper (a real one, actually) reporting on a similar situation where "newspapers" are but stooges of the government (or in the case of Marco Island, the syndicate):

The phenomenon of journalists volunteering to censor information at the authorities' request is patently undemocratic. 
Does this not indicate a basic failure in the law enforcement system? Sweeping everything into a deep and even draconian secrecy, has no place in democratic regimes. 
Censorship becomes a pathetic attempt to turn back the clock to a time before WikiLeaks, Facebook and Twitter, and before bloggers who don't give two hoots about the censor.

Source: Haaretz


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