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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Here's Why - Part 1

Have you ever wondered how this country has come to the point where the well-to-do miscreants, liars, thieves and scammers don’t get prosecuted? And have you wondered why hard-working Americans are drowning in regulations and petty laws lest they run afoul of a bureaucracy that answers to no one?

For recent events, do you wonder why the Clinton Crime Syndicate, and especially Hillary herself, have not been prosecuted for money laundering, violating the espionage act or for lying to the feds? Do you wonder why those in the IRS who targeted law-abiding Americans because of their political inclinations were not prosecuted and were able to retire (at our expense)?

 And even for local events here on Marco Island, did you wonder why no one was ever prosecuted for violating the Clean Water Act for pumping millions of gallons of effluent into the waterways Similarly for not being prosecuted for violating the Clean Air Act for releasing plumes of hydrogen sulfide gas and for pulverizing asbestos pipe not one mile from an elementary school?

The answer is simple, and at the risk of sounding religious (not intended), it can be found in how the state – the state that you support – treats the least amongst us.

Namely, if a corrupt, compromised, complicit, racist cabal of attorneys, judges and omnipotent state kaki-barbarocrats destroys just one common law-abiding individual based on illicit actions and unconstitutional tactics, and nobody flinches (except their victim), then a lawful state is dead and gone. The deceitful prosecution of a commoner was once a rarity that now has metastasized into a self-perpetuating cancer for the sole purpose of harming financially or otherwise those that are simply not liked.

The unjust dictums against the common man become, well, too common, which serves to inoculate society against the ghastly consequences suffered by individuals that have been victimized by a legal system that is anything but legal.

Namely, since the legal abuses have repeatedly happened in your town to ordinary people (and as in the case of Marco Island, to many), why would you expect anything different when those with means and influence and supported by the reinforcement army of the Fifth Column escape justice also because of legal abuses?

What recurrently happens locally to unknown and non-descript proles due to miscarriages of justice becomes the rationale for treating the rich and powerful at a national level in such a way that they escape prosecution due to … miscarriages of justice.

Persecute and prosecute innocent underprivileged victims, don’t persecute and prosecute privileged scofflaws – its two sides of the same coin.

You get what you have allowed, agreed to by looking the other way, by failing to decry the injustices, by electing judges that are cute well-funded chums of the legal cartel, by not exposing the attorneys that skirt the truth, by ... So then, why whine and complain now?

Part 2 coming soon ... A true local case where a corrupt judicial system destroyed lives.


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