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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Anyone, Anyone, Anyone?

City of Marco Island

Discovery Workshop
STRP: Facts & Figures

HOST: Anyone, Anyone, Anyone?

PURPOSE: Answer all of the public’s questions and concerns as to the STRP
  • Finances
  • Infrastructure
FORUM: City of Marco Island officials prepared to answer questions as to the STRP project will be in attendance. Representatives from community groups can pose questions. Citizens can pose questions.

Discovery Workshop #1 to be held on ________
Discovery Workshop #2 will be held two weeks later on _______ so as to afford the city time to research the answer to any question that they could not address in the first workshop.

TYPE: Moderated. Moderator _____________

RULES: Only questions and clarifying statements from the public are permitted.
  • City officials will be allowed ample opportunity to answer and to explain their answers before the next question is posed.
  • City officials may require time to research the answer to some questions, hence the second workshop.
  • Speeches, politics, insinuating and disrespectful questions, and attacks of any kind will not be permitted.
  • A queue of questioners can be devised by which to ensure that not one person or persons preclude others from asking questions.
GOALS: Better if not complete understanding of the STRP by the citizens of Marco Island.
  • Greater clarity in the affairs of the City as related to the STRP.
  • Hopefully answer all questions and concerns.
  • Hopefully a venue by which to unite the community on this divisive issue.


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