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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Crimes Prompts Call for STRP Hookup Extension

Dear Chairwoman DiSciullo,

After the revelations of this week about potential Sunshine Law Violations, conspiracies, collusion and abuse of power related to the STRP, I feel compelled to repeat the request I made last Monday night to extend the deadline for filing the Tigertail and S. Barfield sewer hookup options for, at least, 90 days. This extension would not mean a suspension of hookups for those who wish to hookup.

The extension would only apply to those who feel that there are too many issues up in the air at this time to make this FINAL and IRRECOVABLE commitment. Time is of the essence in this matter, because the filing deadline is February 2nd.

I am also very concerned that there will not be another council meeting before the deadline and I am therefore asking you to make an executive decision ordering the extension. An extension would relieve some of the pressure and anxiety that is on all of the folks in these two districts that are on limited incomes and others who believe that the STRP is and was ill conceived.

People in the future districts have also approached me with concerns about signing their payment option letter before seeing the contract it represents. Some have also expressed concern that the city is getting into the lending business and that these contracts must meet the

Federal Truth-in-Lending regulations. I am therefore requesting that copies of the contracts be sent to everyone in the future districts for review before they are required to select a payment option.

This message is being blind carbon copied to many people in hopes that they will also add their voices to the growing chorus of individuals with real reservations about the STRP.


Doug Enman
Chairman, C.A.R.E.S., Inc.


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