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Friday, January 19, 2007

Has the City Missed Anyone?

Now it’s the boaters (oh, sorry, the yachtsmen), and a group of homeowners that are angry and aggravated by the City of Marco Island’s abuse of process as regards to a host of issues related to the waterways . They are threatening to sue. We have visions of them sending in naval gunfire from a flotilla cruising just outside of the mooring limit.

One of their valiant members has been “cited” – a euphemism for arresting a nice guy whose last name does not end in “ez”. Another revolutionary standing up for his rights! Or soon to be another malcontent as soon as the comedians that make up the local hate group get a hold of this issue. Or another bored old fart when the Village Idiot of Naples Don Farmer cranks up his word processor.

Ok, so, is there anybody on Marco Island that the City Council and the city manager has not offended, or has not violated his/her/its state, federal or constitutional rights? Other than the Chamber of Commerce of course, being that they are all one of the same.

At some point can the City please get some real, sound and professional legal and financial advice? Assuredly, whatever legal “advice” the City is receiving clearly – in the words of the penguins upon arriving in Antarctica in the G-rated movie Madagascar – sucks.

A friendly word of support and guidance for the citizens on this mooring/anchoring issue which are standing up for what they believe in: don’t waste your time quoting laws – state, federal or constitutional laws don’t apply to this City. And when you sue, do it as far away from here as you can – like in Havana. Those folks have experience in mooring laws – remember the U.S.S. Maine?


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