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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Village Idiot

So we conjure this image of some hapless soul babbling incoherently throughout some rustic town square in the dark ages, invariably sporting ragged clothing, matted hair and missing teeth. It seems that madness and idiocy was a source of humor, human characteristics best exemplified by the spoken and written word. All of which one would ignore, unless forced to actually pay attention.

But truth be told, the term Village Idiot has no reference in history any older than in the 1907 play Major Barbara by George Bernard Shaw. That’s not to say of course that villages were devoid of idiots before then mind you.

Nor afterwards. All sides of the multidimensional intellectual abyss which is the Marco Island Neanderthal political spectrum can instantly point to someone and proclaim “Aha, that’s the Marco Island Village Idiot!” So with so many mental votes (remember that actual voting is not allowed on Marco Island), who is to say which one amongst us can lay claim to such a distinguished title in this isle of plenty.

Perhaps we Marco Islanders can finally agree on something - the Village Idiot of Naples.

We can all refer to the one or two of his articles we sort of read, sort of until we could tolerate the insufferably dim and foolish mishmash of words no longer. And yet there is recent stupidity that serves to buttress affixing the ignoble title to the farmer.

The next to last imbecility by the Village Idiot of Naples was so extensive that even our usually missing councilpersons had to opine. Well, at least one of them anyway. In the January 8th Eagle, the esteemed Mr. Kiester took the Village Idiot of Naples to task for insulting the citizens of Marco Island and for demographic insolence.

And the latest mind numbing banality by the Village Idiot of Naples is some rambling about the recall. Most of us missed it, given that we intentionally avoid village idiots – this one being no exception. Unfortunately once our attention was called to the “article” we had no choice but to lumber through it, only to find myriad guffaws, the best of which was the one about how the recall legal process and resulting legal expense were caused by the people who want to recall three councilpersons. The fact that it was the City Council of Marco Island that voted to commence the legal process and use tax payers’ money to sue the citizens in a non-democratic attempt to stop the recall has no bearing on this idiot.

So, to Don Farmer, the hapless soul babbling incoherently throughout the rustic town square in the dark ages (a.k.a. his column) – your co-villagers regard you as very amusing – on the exceedingly rare occasion that we are forced to actually pay any attention to you.


  • Mario,

    I think you should apply for V. I. Don's job in the NDN and Marco Island Eagle. It's apparent that you are far more intelligent, do more research, write far better and aren't living on your (presumed) past achievements. If you have the time ... what with teaching at a university, operating a computer company and running a blog site ... why not give it a shot? Perhaps Michelle can replace Chris's Curls too so you can keep it all in the family.

    Ed Foster

    By Blogger CARES-Chair, at Tuesday, January 16, 2007 10:02:00 AM  

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