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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Money Making Opportunity on Marco Island!

Given this author’s experience from being an executive at the world’s largest insurance and underwriting company, permit the following money making suggestion for those in the insurance “trade”.

Sell a policy that will indemnify any commercial establishment on Marco Island for loss of business due to beach closures or any other adverse effect on any Marco Island tourist-related site due to sewage spills or sewage-related environmental problems.

It’s a sure-fire winner. Here is why.

According to the City of Marco Island, the staff at the City of Marco Island, the majority of the City Council, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, and others (collectively referred to as the Class for the STRP), the sewage treatment plant will handle all of the new capacity without risk to the environment.

So, if you believe the Class for the STRP, you will be collecting premiums ad infinitum with no risk. And if they are right, well then, its easy money.

But if you don’t believe the Class for the STRP, don’t worry. You can still collect the premiums and when the environmental hazard hits the island and causes the invariable drop in tourism, you can do what insurance companies always do:
  1. Blame the insured and hence deny the claims or,
  2. Pay the claims then sue the Class for the STRP to recover the loss.

What? Blame the insured? Sure. Hasn’t everyone on Marco Island been warned ad nausea that the STRP is unfair, fiscally unsound and the sewage treatment plant is questionable in terms of handling the new load (no pun intended)? So … the insured, haven taken out a policy despite having been warned, are ipso facto not entitled being indemnified from the policy!

What? Sue the Class for the STRP? Sure. And care to guess who are going to be your biggest and best witnesses? Your insured (which ironically are proponents of the STRP).

So you see, you make money either way. In the parlance of those that have taken a internet management course, it’s a win-win!


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