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Friday, October 12, 2012

Another Syndicate Wins Noble Peace Prize

In keeping with the sheer senselessness exhibited by the Noble Peace Prize Committee that prostituted Alfred Noble’s vision of the award by “giving” the once esteemed prize to people and entities that do everything but promote peace and fight for peace and risk everything for peace and even are tortured for the sake of peace we are once again asked and arguably forced to succumb to yet another dumbing of our senses most notable of which is our intellectual acumen by the befalling of awarding this year’s Noble Peace Prize upon on a bureaucratic power-hungry oligopolistic-kakistocracy shill for mega banks and big business that has done more to harm the people that are within its expanse than the wars in that very same area has experienced for quite some  time.

So the European Union – that has a war machine deployed (a war machine gets the Peace Prize?) and has ensured the destitution of millions of its own citizens – hey, just like the syndicate on Marco Island! – gets recognized for being as peaceful. Yes, an award now with no value other than the comic relief afforded, akin to the syndicate and its operatives on Marco Island receiving the citizen of the year award or some other vacuous recognition by the local non-newspapers.

What a farce this once legendary and prestigious award has become –just like what Marco Island has become despite having been not too long ago a great and fiscally sound place.

With the Peace Prize having been awarded to another fraud Al Gore – despite a plethora of other people nominated that actually did something for peace – as opposed to promote environmentalism with fraudulent data so they can exploit fear and hence directly profit (hey, just like the Marco Island syndicate and “there be fecal in them there waterways!”) the Noble Prize is but a joke.

With the Peace Prize having been awarded to another fraud Barrack Hussein Obama – despite a plethora of other people nominated that actually did something for peace – as opposed saddle generations with debt (hey, just like the Marco Island syndicate and the $400million+ unnecessary sewer system) the Noble Prize is but a joke.

Below is but one of the many world-wide condemnations of this year’s award. Simply replace “European Union” (“EU”) with “Marco Island Syndicate” and you will see that it’s all one and the same.

-o-o-(source: RT News).

First the EU, next Frankenstein? Nobel Committee’s decision ‘farcical’ – RT’s Max Keiser
The Nobel Committee had a more legitimate choice for its Peace Prize in “Bill Clinton’s left testicle” than the EU, RT’s Max Kaiser said. Kaiser slammed the award as honoring a technocracy that impoverishes its citizens to feed monstrous banks.
RT:The EU has won for its role in uniting the continent – but at a time of rising separatism and the economy in a slump, how do you explain that?
Max Keiser: This is the rise of the machine. This is a machine selection that chose a machine. The EU is a technocracy governed by machines, joined with the banking establishment to suck wealth from the citizens of the EU and send it to Brussells and the banksters and sent it to the World Bank and the EU and the Troika. This is the rise of the machines, it’s farcical. They could’ve given the prize to Bill Clinton’s left testicle and it would have been more legitimate than giving it to a technocratic monstrosity. 
This is like giving the prize to Frankenstein for being the best monster created during the past 12 months. Where do they go from here? Who are they going to give it to next? They are going to give it to a genetically modified seed in India where farmers are killing themselves by the thousands because of companies like Monsanto. Give it to Monsanto next year, Nobel Committee! I mean your track record for giving this prize to warmongers, banksters and corporate fascists is becoming quite impressive.
RT: Will this award give any kind of economic boost to the Union and help it out of the pit it’s in?
MK: No, absolutely not. They want to create a new super-bank take power from the ECB, run it out of Brussels and impose a new debt-for-junk scheme, rolling up all the toxic debt into a new super European Central Bank to impose more austerity and pilfer more money from the citizens. The direction this is going is absolutely catastrophic. Christine Lagarde, I’m sure she’ll get the Nobel Prize next year for having caused another 100 million people to go into poverty and another few hundred people to commit suicide. Let’s give it to Christine Lagarde, she’s a warmongering genocidal maniac, give her the Peace Prize!
RT: How do we balance the Peace Prize with the EU's interventions in Libya, EU members on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan and its support for the armed opposition in Syria?
MK: There is only one contender for the Peace Prize this year and it is Julian Assange. The fact that he did not win this prize will be an eternal stain on the Nobel Committee. No one has done more to push peace than Julian Assange, he should be getting the award from this committee. The fact that they’ve turned to a bunch of machines and technocrats in the EU is an embarrassment. They should go back to making dynamite, which is how the Nobel Prize Committee got started. Go back to making dynamite and forget about this Peace Prize. You’re illegitimate, you’ve embarrassed yourselves, just fold. Commit suicide for a change, instead of encouraging people in Greece to commit suicide!


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