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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Waste the Federal (Your) Money Right Here in Collier County

The federal government has granted $20,000,000 to the government of the Philippines to improve the Philippino justice system.

The program is titled JUSTICE - Judicial Strengthening to Improve Court Effectiveness - the purported purpose of which is to improve confidence in the Philippines through "... efficient and predicable adjudication of court cases, particularly those involving corruption ..."

Now, seriously, given the level of corruption and municipal malfeasance that has been sanctioned by the Collier County legal system over the years, don't you think that same $20,000,000 could be spent for the same purpose in Collier so as to benefit those that actually forked over the $20,000,000?

Here is the entire notice. Enjoy.
Funding Opportunity Number:RFA-492-12-000003
Opportunity Category:Discretionary
Funding Instrument Type:Cooperative Agreement
Category of Funding Activity:Law, Justice and Legal Services
CFDA Number:98.004
Eligible ApplicantsUnrestricted (i.e., open to any type of entity above), subject to any clarification in text field entitled "Additional Information on Eligibility"
Agency Name:USAID-PHI
Closing Date:Jul 30, 2012
Award Ceiling:$20,000,000
Expected Number of Awards:1
Creation Date:Jul 17, 2012
Funding Opportunity Description:The Judicial Strengthening to Improve Court Effectiveness (JUSTICE) Project will incorporate and work toward several Rule of Law objectives that have been agreed by the Government of the Philippines (GPH) and the United States Government (USG) in the Joint Action Plan of the Partnership for Growth (PFG). The project will contribute to the goal of the PFG to shift the Philippines from a low growth path to a higher, sustained and more inclusive growth on par with other high-performing emerging economies. The project will help decrease the cost of doing business and increase investor confidence in the Philippines through the more efficient and predictable adjudication of court cases, particularly those involving corruption, commercial disputes, intellectual property rights violations and contract enforcement. A large portion of project resources will address the need to improve judicial efficiency, particularly: (a) reducing docket congestion, and (b) reducing court delays. USAID has supported programs that have worked successfully toward this end with pilot Philippine courts over the past several years. Through this project, USAID seeks to support greatly expanded coverage of such tested judicial efficiency improvements. In addition, USAID seeks to support related components that address the Rule of Law objectives of (c) strengthening Contract Enforcement, (d) strengthening the enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights, and (e) supporting integrity and confidence-building measures for the justice system.


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