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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Call upon City Council to Meet Obama-EPA Guidelines

As a form of restitution and redress for raping the environment near and in Marco Island, we call upon the Marco Island City Council to reconsider the Horse-Drawn Carriage form of transportation on the island.

Office of the Press Secretary
August 28, 2012
Obama Administration Finalizes Historic 54.5 mpg Fuel Efficiency Standards EPA Announces
 Consumer Savings Comparable to Lowering Price of Gasoline by $1 Per Gallon by 2025

In fact, we urge that all fossil-consuming modes of transportation be either replaced with horses/mules/donkeys/alpacas/camels/llamas or meet the new Obama-EPA guidelines for the near future.

Horse-drawn transportation will assuredly meet if not improve on the de novo REQUIREMENT that transportation vehicles meet a fuel efficiency rating of 54.5MPG.

There is a precedence for such a move on Marco Island.

As the syndicate wants us to forget, the City Council continually asserted that Charlie Crist wanted the STRP to be implemented "at all cost." Though we now know that such an assertion was one of so many lies we were fed, we do know that Charlie has just endorsed Barrack, ipso facto the City must now tow the line of their own beloved regime.


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