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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cuba Takes Up Marco Island Horse-Draw Carriage Idea

The city of La Habana (Havana for the culturally challenged) Cuba has just authorized its first syndicate of horse-drawn carriages.

Since the people of Cuba can't afford to eat, naturally this new service is for the tourists - invariably the Americans that by the millions illegally travel to the imprisoned island with the ruse of "vacationing" (translation: prop up a murderous socialist-marxist ruling elite).

Who is to say that the morons that run that God-forsaken beautiful city did not get their idea from the morons that run Marco Island when the latter refused to allow the same service. But if you notice, the syndicate in La Habana is involved in the business, unlike on Marco Island where the syndicate was NOT involved in the business.

If the syndicate had a piece of the horse-drawn business on Marco Island, rest assured that there would be horses already defecating and urinating and flatulenting to their hearts' content all over the streets and swales and lawns (wow - just like the poisoned dewatering!) which would have precipitated yet another fraudulent $400Million sewer project to ensure that said feces and urine be captured.

Perhaps the entire Marco Island City Council would like to travel to Cuba to get a first-hand look at the business in the hope that they 1)reconsider, 2)go there wearing anti-Castro T-shirts.

Ps. We know the difference between syndicato and syndicate - we just enjoy exploiting the literally license the similarity in words affords us.

Source: Miami Herald August 21, 2012


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