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Friday, April 02, 2010

EPA Prosecution: Who is to Pay?

Who Is Responsible?

As the "City of Marco Island" faces potentially millions of dollars of fines and criminal prosecution, it is now up to the citizens to ensure that only those responsible be held accountable.

Those who authorized the asbestos-laden project, those who oversaw or managed the asbestos-laden project, those who crushed, pulverized, buried and illegally removed the asbestos, those who allegedly "investigated" the asbestos dumping, those city councilors that continued to vote for the continuation of these illegal acts despite repeated warnings and pleas to stop from the citizens – those are the ones that are responsible, those are the ones that should pay the fines, and those are the ones that should be prosecuted.

Wait for it: the "staff" is going to plead they are immune from liability because it was the city council that authorized all of these acts and failed to stop it; the city council is going to plead that they are immune from liability and prosecution because they are elected officials, and besides they were doing whatever the "staff" told them to do.

They are both wrong. Proof: the same finger-pointing was the popular defense at Nuremberg – everyone was hanged.

It is now up to the citizens of Marco Island to ensure that their tax dollars are not used to pay the fines caused by the deliberate malevolence of others. We didn't do it, we warned them, and begged them to stop.

Clearly, it is NOT the citizenry of Marco Island that are responsible, hence the "City" cannot settle by agreeing to pay for the penalties with tax dollars. Any payment of penalties must be paid by each individual city "staff" (current and former) that allowed (and in some cases directed) these illegal acts to take place, must be paid by any and all contractors that performed these illegal acts, and must be paid by all individual current and former city councilors (and their estates) that refused to stop these illegal acts when they knew full well what was happening.

Those are the individuals that must be held responsible – personally.

A footnote: As the City "staff" now deals in public with what they have known for quite some time regarding violations of the federal Clean Air Act, wait for the other shoe to drop. The federal Clean Water Act was also violated and criminal investigators also "looked into" this matter.


  • What's this? The callously dismissive thugs who inflicted an extortionate sewer scam on the citizens of Marco Island now wish to stick them with the bill for their asbestos hijinx?

    Haven't they a gift for audacity?

    How does it feel to want?

    See, pols, there's this thing called The Net. It's a great leveller. It levels lies and the maggots who pimp them. It resurrects truths long buried by statist thugs.

    Why should the good citizens of Marco Island pay one cent to clean up you mess, hmmm?

    When Marco Island citizens expressed concerns about asbestos, what did the greaszeball pols and their cronies do? That's right, in manner of all criminals, they spun the blame and falsely accused Marco's good citizens of 'planting the asbestos at midnight to make the poor, sweet, loving, pols look bad', didn't they?

    Do their actions mark them as 'just bright enough to be dangerous'?

    Doesn't their shifting of blame to innocent citizens define 'criminal projection'?

    Isn't that the same sleazy gag that "Perjury Pat" Stoye and her cronies George Allen Wilson, II, and Mark V. Silverio pulled on the undersigned both to cover Girard R. 'Gerry' Visconti's so-easily chafed ego and to benefit The Zecchino Estate Grifters?

    When Marco Island citizens expressed concerns of illegal asbestos activities to their elected representatives they acted like crooks and accused the citizens of planting asbestos to make them look bad.

    How very tiresome of them.

    You can't make this stuff up, can you? It's straight from the pages of Kafka and more resembles doings in the old soviet union or a third world toilet-bowl banana republic, doesn't it?

    And now, these pols who falsely accuse innocent citizens want them as well to pick up the check for their calumny?

    How does it feel to want?

    You think we've forgotten? We haven't. Now shall we. Ever.

    You did what you did, both to the citizens of Marco Island in general and to us as individuals.

    Live with it. Enjoy the publicity.

    When many of us call to mind the fact that a young mother was smashed to the pavement in front of her horrified children by some thug, who acted on behalf of one of Markograd's gutless coward pols, we're sickened even today, and will never quit, never rest, until the last one of these lice experiences the legal consequences of their actions.

    Giving these sandfleas a pass would only encourage them to pull more gags, wouldn't it? That would be bad for the environment, bad for citizens, most of all, bad for our nation, as it would encourage yet more violations of the public trust.

    And citizens of late are expressing disappointment with those who think they can violate Trusts both public and private with impunity, aren't they?

    Thank you, Dr. Sanchez, for bravely standing fast in the face of statist bullying.

    To actually read the EPA's sham argument that keeping vital asbestos violations from the American people was necessary in order not to 'embarass' certain officials stinks of some chicom gulag, not the America we know and love.

    Lovers of liberty everywhere thank you, Dr. Sanchez, for all you've done on our behalf.

    Paul Vincent Zecchino
    Manasota Key, Florida
    03 April, 2010

    By Anonymous Paul Vincent Zecchino, at Saturday, April 03, 2010 11:20:00 PM  

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