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Monday, March 15, 2010

Renewing Recommendation to Councilors Recker, Kiester & Batte

This author has received four inquiries this week alone from citizens regarding the cistern project. All have expressed frustration as to the misinformation and outright obfuscation by the City "staff."

Gentlemen: This author does not get paid six-figures to do the work that we pay the "staff" to do. In fact, the pay is a negative number (costs money) – an activity done so gladly to help fellow citizens, but no more.

Since the "staff" has received their marching orders to kill the cistern initiative or any other conservation apolitical project, one again urges that an independent agency be formed where this and other environmental initiatives can be studied, researched, collaborated with state and federal agencies desirous in conservation and therefore provider of many resident-focused grants and incentives. This agency is devoid of the "staff" or their people and reports directly to you.

A handful of citizens have gone to great lengths to disprove the misinformation as to the cistern – why are you now ignoring their efforts by remaining silent? By allowing the "staff" do take this great work and burry it with confusion and obstacles? Shame.

You have a mandate. And have the bully-pulpit. Use it for the benefit of the community.


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