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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

EPA Lawsuit: Justification to Continue the Battle For Just One More Round

The Environmental Protection Agency's own documents clearly denote that the City of Marco Island violated the federal Clean Water Act. The crushing, pulverizing, aerially dispersing and removal of asbestos was also in violation of federal laws dealing with hazardous material. There is no doubt that EPA's own criminal investigators were active. (They were so active that they even traded emails sarcastically ridiculing the City's transparent deception for continuing the violations.)

So the questions are simply:

  • Why was no one prosecuted?
  • Why the two-year protracted bureaucratic gauntlet to prevent the release of the documents?
  • Who are those that "may be embarrassed" if the documents are released?
  • If nothing happened, if no one will be prosecuted, then why withhold the documents?
  • Why did Senator Nelson fail after a genuine concerted effort to get the EPA to release the documents?
  • Why did Congressman Connie Mack, after agreeing to look into the matter, wait four months to simply side with the EPA's other ruse of "confidentiality" – to the detriment of his own constituents?

And people wonder why conspiracy theories abound?

We know why the Florida Department of Environmental Protection did not prosecute (kind of hard to prosecute yourself). By why didn't the EPA? Ergo this lawsuit.

There are those on Marco Island that malign, defame, slur, slander and libel those attempting to obtain the EPA documents because they know they have much to lose. What these syndicate operatives don't have the wherewithal to comprehend is that they already lost.

Given that the EPA has fabricated a tremendous amount of mystification, rudeness and illusion to prevent the release of the documentation, clearly they will not go down without a fight. Any technicality, any procedure imaginable will be attempted in the federal courts in order to drown the only person taking up the battle – and a lay person at that.

When the federal government prevails in squashing this lone citizen – and a practical certainty in this case – all of you lose.


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