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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Marco Island Blog Nominated to First Amendment Foundation


336 E. College Avenue, Suite 101 Tallahassee, FL  32301-1554

(800) 337-3518 or (850) 222-3518


17 March 2010



In honor of Sunshine Week 2010, the First Amendment Foundation has created the Sunshine Brigade, a loosely-organized coalition of open government and citizen activists who have been chosen for membership because of their commitment to government oversight and holding government accountable for its actions.

We asked Foundation members to nominate local citizen activists for induction into the Brigade and currently there are over 35 Brigaders from all over Florida.  The Foundation will create a page on its website, www.floridafaf.org, dedicated to the Sunshine Brigade, and will post a short profile of each member with a brief description of the types of open government issues most important to each.  For those Brigaders with blogs, we'll include a link to the blog as well as a link that will allow anyone wanting help or assistance to e-mail Brigade members.

Our hope is to provide a platform for more discussion of open government problems and issues in Florida and expand the dialogue to include more citizens.  The Brigade will also be a great resource for the media – for example, last week a reporter working on a story for Sunshine Week asked me for the names of citizens in his readership area who might help him identify those types of records and issues most important to the public.  I forwarded the reporter's request to the Brigade and many responded within hours.  And the Brigaders are already helping each other – one member in the Panhandle is sharing his strategies for dealing with a recalcitrant state's attorney with Brigaders on both coasts in south Florida.

We hope to launch the Sunshine Brigade web page before the end of this month and will send you notice of the actual date.  In the meantime, if you have any questions, please call Barbara Petersen at 850/224-4555 or e-mail sunshine@floridafaf.org.


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