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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Asbestos Contamination Enforcement – City Documents

These documents were made public April 5, 2010 by city councilors respectful of the citizen's right to know. Up until that time, the public nor the non-aligned city councilors were aware of these documents and the underlying transactions.

Click any link to see the actual documents.

City Manager Email to Chairman Recker Re. EPA Investigation of Violation of Clean Air Act by City

City "Staff" Response to EPA's Second Request for Information

EPA Prosecuting Attorney Requesting Clarification from Roney Joel Regarding His Claim that it's all a Big Misunderstanding – there was no Asbestos, it was Fiberglass

EPA's First Request for Information Regarding City's Clean Air Act Violation & City's Response

EPA's Second Request for Information Regarding City's Clean Air Act Violation

Roney Joel's Sworn Affidavit – Claiming it was all Fiberglass

Attorney's Respond to EPA Demands (unknown if Attorney for the City or for Quality Enterprise)

"Staff" Response to EPA's Request for Clarification of Roney Joel's "It's Only Fiberglass" Defense

The following document is a critique to the City Manager's "Comments" to Chairman Recker

Comments on Thompson's Email to Dr. Recker

If you dispute any of the claims by the "staff", or have evidence as to the asbestos contamination or the dumping of toxic effluent into the waterways, contact the EPA attorney directly (contact information is in these documents.) DO NOT SEND TO THE CITY and DO NOT SEND TO THE FDEP.




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