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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hope for America, Lesson for Marco Island

With the election yesterday of Scott Brown as US senator of Massachusetts, all Americans can once again reaffirm that they have the power, will and foresight to make the necessary changes even in the most unlikely circumstances.

A senate seat "held" for five decades by the most liberal senator in the last five decades, in a state comprised of 75% democrats, ultra-liberals, socialists, communists and near-Trotsky's was readily handed to a seeming no one with diametrical opposite views.

As the pundits and talking heads will regurgitate for the next while, the reasons are vast. But as related to Marco Island, perhaps one should take stock of just two of these reasons.

First, the uber-priority in the hell-bent battle to pass socialized medicine above all else was an indication that politics and ideology took priority over all else. The real priority of honestly addressing the crisis of having over 20 million unemployed Americans was but a purpose by which to perpetrate anti-capitalist, anti-democratic agendas. Since honest Americans know that working to earn a living takes priority over political and ideological beliefs, the voters demanded a reprioritization of their representatives.

Secondly, even ardent supporters of socialized everything were disgusted by the means by which nationalized-socialized medicine was being put forth. Back room meetings cloaked in secrecy, special deals for unions (this author being a member of one), outright bribery, public denigration of those that dared oppose the zeitgeist and the marginalization of those with an opinion were the common tactics of the ruling national syndicate. Obama-Reid-Pelosi and their minions spared no one, spat on the Constitution and thereby on every American. To this, even their philosophical brethren said enough.

And in these two reasons alone, there manifests the ever perennial hope which is America, in that as long as We the People exercise our rights even through intimidation, there will forever be that shinny city on the hill.

And herein lies the lesson to Marco Island.

Marco Island's ongoing election for city council presents the same opportunity, the same makeup and the same chance at redemption as the brave souls in Massachusetts took and correctly used yesterday.

Here too there is a syndicate, the Syndicate, which has dictated for all too long the workings of the City.

Enough is enough. Even if you agree with the underlying motivation of the Syndicate to commercialize everything, to facilitate the realtors, cheap tourist traps, gaudy overpriced and overrated food-like places, to make Collier Boulevard into a Vegas strip-light, you must by now be repulsed by their tactics.

Backroom deals, coordinating their puppet councilors through intermediaries so as to ambush the public in city council meetings, infesting every "committee" knowing they are but fronts to screen councilors that are too lazy or incompetent or corrupt to do their own work, public slurs and obscenities directed at people volunteering to serve on a school board, lying about the water utility, about the septic tanks, about the STRP, about the cost of cisterns, even the shady secret deal with the local school board pol to build some commercial faux power generating facility on a piece of land that is clearly earmarked as SCHOOL SITE while putting forth the blatant propaganda readily parroted by their puppets on the city council about some "endangered" species … is enough to caused systemic nausea.

Even if you agree with what the Syndicate wants to facilitate, vote your conscience and stop this putrefaction of the City government by voting against the Syndicate slate candidate, what they do and how they do it.

Marco Island has an opportunity to vote for people that will work in the open, who are beholden to only one special interest named "We The People", that will not scurry in the dark for special deals and understand that all issues are best resolved in the open. Even if you don't agree with the non-slate independent candidates of Messrs. Batte, Forscht and Kiester, vote for them for God knows the City of Marco Island needs an open honest form of government at all levels – just as the national ruling body got the message and a much deserved flush.

As the people of the commonwealth of Massachusetts did, stop the sleaze, vote out the Syndicate, discuss your goals in public, and the entire island populace will be the better for it.


  • It's hard to absorb your message between so many exaggerated, negative adjectives. So which 3 are you voting for??

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thursday, January 21, 2010 5:07:00 PM  

  • "hope"? "better for it"? "best resolved in the open"? "redemption"? "shinny city on the hill"? "open, honest form of government" ?yep, these are real "negative" - amazing.

    i hope that all 3 get elected and voted accordingly. good men that make honest mistakes - like all of us - even those that interpret "hope" as a "negative".

    and the "negative" all come from the direct actions of the syndicate - so ask them why they created all of the negative/illicit deeds and not shoot the messenger.

    By Blogger Dr. Mario, at Thursday, January 21, 2010 5:45:00 PM  

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