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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Cistern In Action

Rare, once-in-a-lifetime video of INSIDE a newly converted septic-tank to cistern.

Note the volume of water! Turn up the speakers so you can hear the narration and sound effects.

This video was taken on January 1, 2010. The rain lasted for approximately 15 minutes and filed approximately 25% of the cistern - a 1,000+ gallon cistern by the way (for those that are believing another syndicate-posed urban legend that septic-cisterns are only 750 gallons). And this volume of water from ONLY approximately 1/4 of the volume of coming off the roof!

What a waste of water if one were to simply let this water run-off into the swales or the waterways.

A SUGGESTION: perhaps the City of Marco Island can instead of mandating the destruction of septic tanks to fuel the STRP, why not save water, save the environment, and save money for the residents and mandate cisterns?


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