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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Election Recommendations

Vote NO on all amendments.

Justification: The wording on the ballot is NOT the wording that will be used to amend the city charter.

Joe Batte
Ted Forcht
Chuck Kiester

Justification: Independent, honest, fiscally conservative, environmentally conscious, not part of a special interest group, listen to all residents, open-minded, want to lead, novel ideas, understand multi-dimensional dynamics by which to expand local economy, vision.

Do Not Recommend:
The remaining candidate
Justification: He is part of a slate of existing councilors and pols that are syndicated to controlling all aspects of government for the benefit of special commercial interests. This slate has controlled the City of Marco Island too long and has led to divisiveness, personal attacks (the comment to the previous blog post but one example) and has led the city to near fiscal bankruptcy. Let's have for once a city council where the majority is not directed by the syndicate.

How to Complete the Ballot:

  • Use a black or blue pen.
  • You must affix postage.
  • Put ballot in Security Sleeve.
  • Sign, date, print address on reverse of mailing envelope.
  • Print Name on reverse of mailing envelope under Voters certificate.
  • Mail as soon as possible.


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