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Friday, December 18, 2009

Syndicate Uses Intelligent [de]Signs

Yes, just when you thought the Intelligent DEsign was vogue, we are treated by the syndicate to Intelligent Signs.

In the first picture, located at the intersection of Kendall and Renard, the sign is clearly illegally placed. But this is not the point as doing something illegal by the syndicate and getting away with it is nothing new.

But then, the sign somehow realizes on its own that it is placed illegally, and having absolutely nothing to with the calls and emails to code enforcement that were summarily ignored, the sign moves 20 feet to the right ... so it can claim that it is now on "private property". And hence this second picture of the same sign taken just a week apart.

Truly incredible! Intelligent Signs!

And lastly, there is yet another sign on the opposing corner, also allegedly on "private property". (Ins't placement being inches from a public street make the positioning on public property?) But what is really really really novel about this picture is that if you look really carefully at the top right hand corner of the picture, you will see part of car.

Well, that is a van that was sitting at the intersection "guarding the signs"!
Yes, when these pictures were taken, a woman jumps out of the van and demands to know what the photographer was doing via the moronic circuitous question "Can I help you?" and without even waiting for a response, the woman shouts "These signs are legally placed! They are on private property!" [snarl, grunt, humph, hey its one of those illegal mexicans taking pictures on my island - as interpreted from the facial expressions]

Can it be that the syndicate is now hiring people or otherwise enlisting their minions and operatives to guard signs so that people can't take pictures of them?

What a shame, and we thought that this sydincate candidate was for the environment - think of all that fuel that the sign guard was wasting as the van idled. But yet we understand, those are expensive signs - they are Intelligent deSigns.

(click on any picture to enlarge for forsensics ...)


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