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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Proof: City of Marco Island Violated Federal Clean Water Act

This recently declassified document from the EPA proves that the City of Marco Island violated the federal Clean Water Act.

Once the City pumped effluent into the waterways, irrespective if the City believed they obtained a permit after the first drop went into the Gulf, the City violated federal law.


If the City had simply ordered the contractor to stop, and left all liability and responsibility with the contractor, then the City arguably would not be liable now - or at the minimum the "staff" present and past. But as we all know, the City protected the contractors, encouraged the dumping, lied to the FDEP (as if that mattered to the FDEP), and pumped and dumped
ad nauseum.

So now the consequences will follow. By law the EPA must prosecute, or can (and will) be sued to ensure prosecution.


  • Mario,

    It is quite clear from this and your previous postings that had the City of Marco Island, or any sitting member of the Council, or any "prominent citizen" (whatever that means!) asked for an investigation, it most likely would have been forthcoming.

    Unfortunately for the Island, the City Fathers and those whom you are fond of calling the "Syndicate" simply stated that those who brought the allegations to the attention of the FDEP were "angry old men with too much time on their hands" and should be ignored. So they were.

    Jon Iglehart has shown himself to be a person who willingly takes any excuse he is offered in order to squelch controversy. He has failed in his job and should be removed by Governor Crist. In that, Iglehart is no different than Mr. Issler's "majority of Marco citizens" who voted in the last election as they were told to do. For the sake of the city, I hope the electorate has awoken. If so, they have you to thank for playing a major role in rousing them.

    Ed Foster
    Former Marco Resident and
    Former Chairman, C.A.R.E.S., Inc.

    By Blogger Edward, at Friday, December 11, 2009 10:46:00 AM  

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