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Saturday, January 26, 2008

SFWMD Admits Contamination

In an email exchange just yesterday, a one Clarence Tears, Director of the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) admitted to the contamination of Marco Island as a result of the STRP dewatering. Here are the facts and the sequence of events.

What started the email exchanges was Mr. Tears' reply to the charges being filed against the authors of a political ad put forth as an “article” that appeared in a regional newspaper. Two of the authors are state employees – one works for the SFWMD.

The operative paragraphs of Mr. Tears’ reply are thus:

It should be noted that the Big Cypress Basin Board, the local arm of the South Florida Water Management District, has made a major investment of taxpayer’s money to suppor the Septic Tank Replacement Program. The total amount to be invested in the replacement will exceed six million dollars over a five-year period.

The Big Cypress Basin Board, through a resolution and funding, has demonstrated their commitment to Marco moving forward with the Septic Tank Replacement Program. They know how important is to do everything possible to protect the water quality on a barrier island and provide an alternative source of water to meet non-potable demands.

Subsequently, this author is asked to afford input to Mr. Tears’ email. The response is thus:

thank you for sharing with us the response from mr. tears.

at some point we must realize that the issue at hand is purely political for commercialization purposes. the strp has nothing to do with water quality as asserted by mr. tears. if it was about "protecting the water quality on a barrier island", the sfwmd would not have stood silent when the city dumped millions of gallons of untreated effluent from the dewatering directly into the waterways. if it was about "protecting the water quality on a barrier island", the sfwmd, the fdep, the city, and their political supporters would have produced ONE study demonstrating that the septic systems ON MARCO ISLAND contributed ONE iota of anything into the waterways - they haven't (what they have produced are some unrelated studies, some debunked "studies", and a lot of allegory - as their article in the paper proves).

coincidentally, yesterday i received another call from the governor's office. i was once again assured that the governor is NOT mandating the strp, and that while he is committed to water quality in florida, the strp is for the citizens of marco island to decide. this is the second identical communiqué from the governor's office in as many weeks.

To which the reply by Mr. Tears is thus:

Dr. Sanchez,
I'm on military leave today and out of state, therefore my response will be brief. The South Florida Water Management District would not have invested 6 million dollars into the STRP program if we did not have concerns about potential water quality issues. Also, DEP and your local Health Department support your community going forward with this project. We have provided you the facts in an effort to allow you to make an informed decision. Remember, the dewatering issues were addressed by all permitting agencies and corrected.
Clarenc Tears

The dewatering issues were addressed … and corrected. By admitting to a correction, they have admitted to the contamination – millions of gallons of untreated effluent and solids dumped directly into the waterways.

If there is such a “correction” – other than completing some other a priori approved permit – it has not manifested itself yet on Marco Island. The last dewatering – captured on video with GPS coordinated and timestamps – was identical to the first dewatering – dumping of untreated effluent directly into the waterways.


  • just proves more than Marco officials have a hand in the corruption. see you all after the forensic audit.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sunday, January 27, 2008 11:19:00 PM  

  • i have often been stymied on this issue. the force by which the present governance and their puppeteers at the hate slate pushed and lied and threatened to get this sewage system in place certainly does warrant this kind of speculation.

    it can also be the iron triangle driven by the usual greedy special interest cabal that infests every community. a hate group whose members have investments and a constituency of realtors and chamber of commerce organs and "civic" special interests association merely fronting for myriad petty governmental agencies that need to justify their existence.

    read their own words from sfwmd from fdep from the city propaganda arm and the local race tip sheet and the near local biased rag (they lost their right to be called a newspaper - at least the new york times has some literary and investigative merit that compensates for their grotesque bias unlike the naples thing. read them carefully and they are self-perpetuating their particular interest. truth and what is best for the citizens overall is utterly irrelevant.

    so maybe not corruption in the sense that we are clear about, but a movement of protecting ones reason for existence at the expense of civilization.

    public education is a clearer example of how to explain the state/county/present city governance's intellectual, moral, ethical, ecumenical depravity leading to a perversion of all that is true. they actually believe that they are right and god forbid you try to suggest something that helps.

    how shallow and how disengenuous and mostly how insecure that these organs - specifically the ones running the present governance - hide through anonymous postings and anonymous emails and fancy groups like celebrate marco that openly advocate shooting people and denigrate minorities. just look at that puerile article in this sundays non-newspaper: not ONE hate slate candidate was quoted!! the "paper" got a quote from their puppet master asceri and its co-conspirators at fdep. they make deals behind close doors and the rest of us are inferior for we dare to have another agenda.

    and these goons have been running the city and may continue to do so.

    at least in cuba whatever food they can grow you can actually eat.

    By Blogger Dr. Mario, at Monday, January 28, 2008 5:33:00 PM  

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