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Thursday, January 24, 2008


From more "experts" were are entreated to this gem:

The ability to transfer Save Our Home benefits, also known as portability, will be a boon to the real-estate industry.

This prognostication is one of the points used to convince us to pass the Florida property tax amendment to the constitution.

Don't we already have the Save Our Homes law/rule in place and have had it for a while? Then ...

If this "boon" thing were true, why are we in a near real estate crash? Uhm ... let's see ... it wouldn't have anything to do with exorbitant property taxes and all kinds of fees and taxes and assessments needed to fuel irresponsible city/county/state fiscal mismanagement would it?

And exactly how is the Save Our Homes rule going to stop this fiscal irresponsibility?

The latest research shows that there is a net loss of people coming to Florida - translation - more people are leaving than coming. So ... if the people leaving cant' take the Save Our Homes credit with them, and new people coming here are either - not coming and if they are don't benefit from the Save Our Homes Credit, and those of us that have to stay can't afford anything more than what we have so we won't be using the Save Our Home Credit ... exactly how is this going to be a "boon" for the real estate industry?

And by the way, why are the citizens once again funding or even caring about yet another special interest "industry" - in this case the real estate industry? How many of use paid less than 6% commission on buying our houses during the last decade - did we get a break from this "industry"?

Without opining one way or another on how to vote on this important issue, it would be nice if the Marco Syndrome (propaganda and half-truths and outright lies and mythology put out by the governance and related special interests) did not spread - like the plague.


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