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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Is the Truth Irrelevant?

“There be [sic] fecal in the waterways.” “The STRP will come with reuse water.” “The contractor did not put the asbestos in the lot.” “The asbestos was planted by residents – and there are pictures to prove it.” “The governor will mandate sewers.” “The Florida Keys are getting sewers because of the septic tanks.” “Underground power coming soon.” “33% rate increase if the STRP is stopped.” “Hydrogen Sulfide is benign – and those that are complaining about symptoms are liars.” “Pipe pitting is not caused by anything the water plant is doing.” “The city will loose $30-$50 million if the STRP is stopped.”

These statements aren’t honest errors or simple omissions. These wile subterfuges are calculated, outright deceits in a vile attempt to influence those that don’t want to take the time to educated themselves with the facts (unfortunately too many Americans). These lies also afford camouflage for those that have an economic stake in ensuring that nothing but unbridled growth, errant tourism and property flipping returns a la the boom heydays of lore. And worse; these lies are emblematic of a greater problem – a governance not for the people but as a marionette of special interests.

Incredibly, there are candidates running on this platform (not incredibly if you have lived on Marco Island for more than a month). And purely understandable is the endorsement of these candidates by the local race tip sheet and the commerce front fronting for the local syndicate. [Speaking of irrelevancies, did either of these organs for the Hate Slate perform a detailed economic impact and environmental effects study when the STRP continues as a result of endorsing the candidates that will ensure that this albatross continues? Of course not since neither matters.]

Should we dwell on what the truth is?

No, because this election for many is simply about money. The STRP, the environment, “positive”, not “negative”, 33% rate increases, lower millage, etc. etc. are merely distractions hence what’s the truth is inconsequential. Anyone who embraces civil rights, the rule of law, protecting the environment, fiscal management and open governments are derided with slurs since none of these tenets are of consequence. What matters is getting taller Marriotts, more Hyatts, serial Cape Marcos, incessant real estate flipping, vacuous ads in the local race tip sheet and endless corporate protectionism. So who cares that a few hundred people sought medical attention from the toxic dewatering. Who suffers from the collateral or residual mess is unimportant. It’s the money – pure and simple. Hence the truth about what has happened, why it happened and what will happen is irrelevant. We need the same good ol’ boys club so lets be positive – and by the way, even though this election is not about the STRP – we’ll put it in anyway.

Should we dwell on what the truth is?

Yes, because there are people, idiots some would say, that still cling to living by what is truth and what isn’t. They live their lives seeking it and making life judgments accordingly. To them truth is not relative and moral relativism is abhorrent. These souls sign their names to their writings, suffer the denigrating backlash and argue the points, as opposed to the money changers that make anonymous postings, threaten the compromised, create fake web sites and attack anyone that opines or contributes with anything that may interfere with their schemes.

Then how is it possible to move forward, to garner the reconciliation of all honest people, to implement many visions for instilling an equitable and sustainable tax base, implement myriad ideas for a prosperous community, ensure a healthy environment and actively promote a sincere and positive business climate if the premises to govern by are falsehoods? Namely, do the residents of Marco Island want to continue a government based on deceit?

The answer of course is a resounding YES. Many on Marco will vote to continue the above noted sociopath behavior under the political correct doublespeak of being “positive” since recanting ugly facts is just being negative. Analogously, being “positive” is the ignoramus catchall for the self-help new-age defeatism of “what’s past is past”. And these folks will simply vote for more of the same because they are desirous in perpetuating the status quo. To this group, the truth is irrelevant.

But for some, there is the honest and the only way to improve.

One has to account for the implications of the past since there is no way to move towards ones dreams and aspirations and visions without addressing the inherent obstacles created by the past. The new South Africa could not move forward without addressing the usurpations of human decency from decades of Apartheid. Cambodia is addressing the legacy of the Killing Fields as it moves towards a bright future of wonderful people with a rich and ancient culture. The post WWII world had to address the Holocaust, and to a great extent it is still in that process. The new American states could not move forward without addressing the inequities of taxation without representation. The Reconstruction could not move forward without addressing the grotesqueness of slavery. The opposite also proves the point. For sixty plus years there have been peace deals in the Middle East – and not one has stopped the carnage. Just this morning Palestinians fired rockets into Israel – which of course responded by blowing up a few buildings (and their inhabitants) in Gaza. Why still the problem? Because nearly all of these “peace” deals speak in “positive” euphemisms and not one of them addresses in practical terms the inherent problems of the past – past problems that putrefy the present.

Similarly, Marco Island can not move forward without addressing the violations against the environment, civil rights, truth, fiscal responsibility, open government and the inclusion of all citizens. Attempting to move forward without addressing these wrongs is disingenuous. Moving on by repeating these misdeeds will be a serious mistake. Hence, the myopic sound bite “we have to move beyond the STRP” really means that we have to ignore the lies, the fiscal irresponsibility, the civil rights abuses, the environmental contamination, the slurs, the false accusations – in essence we have to ignore a governance for the special interests only.

Deny the past and a better future will forever remain just out of reach. Realize what happened, address it, ensure that it does not happen again, and the better future is now.

Some candidates will continue the practices of the present governance. Everything is just great – it’s “those people”, it’s the [fill in your favorite slur from the Hate Slate here] that are causing all of the problems. Let’s make a deal. Let’s be positive they say.

Some candidates have exposed the scandals of the past as a means to identifying the problems that desperately need to be corrected. Let’s fix this mess they say.

Which candidates prevail on January 29 will tell plenty about who lives here today – and who will remain.


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