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Monday, December 17, 2007

EPA Demands City

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has made a demand on the present governance of Marco Island to produce certain information as related to the dewatering efforts.

For the demand letter,

The operatives for the present governance have reacted in a way that seems inappropriate. By turning the matter over to the city attorney, it appears that there is something to hide, some legal defense litigation strategy to prepare.

The city should not hide behind legal wrangling for it furthers the air of suspicion, buttresses those that find all actions by the present governance dishonest and despicable, and “lawyering up” does not mitigate any liability by the present governance or the contractors. Namely, it will make matters worse.

Residents not intimately involved in this matter, as interested parties in the present governance are asked to accept that the U.S. EPA has information that neither the present governance or their facilitating lawyers are privy to. And since unlike the impotent FDEP, this agency has the wherewithal to act with data to act on, cooperating quickly and honestly would behoove all.

On this one, arrogantly obfuscating will make matters worse and simply exacerbate the inevitable.

It is urged that the city simply turn over the information - a tasks that can be handled readily, inexpensively, and most of all honestly by the staff and contractors that undertook the dewatering process.

Skip the lawyers, turn over the information or simply admit you don’t have it. To do otherwise is expensively foolish.


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