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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

An Encompassing Analysis - NOT

The present governance issued a report developed by Public Resource Management Group (click here for full report) where the impact of stopping or continuing the STRP is "analyzed".

Let’s make a giant leap of faith and assume that everything in that report is accurate. Then where can we find;

  1. The financial impact to the city when 44% of the roads will be torn up?
  2. The impact to the island’s businesses with several more years of construction and strife?
  3. How furthering the decline in real estate values and property taxes will affect the tax revenue base to the city?
  4. The effect on the environment when four times as much toxic water and fumes will be produced as compared to what has already occurred?
  5. Both the financial and emotional impact to the residents as their health is affected when four times as much toxic water and fumes will be produced as compared to what has already occurred?
  6. How tourism will be affected with several more years of the above?
  7. Assurances that the EPA will not fine the city for continuing the dewatering practice, and if not, have the potential fines been budgeted for?
  8. The risk assessment and resultant actuarial studies in the event law suits come forth due to the health consequences of furthering the polluting of the environment?
  9. And how exactly did the STRP go from $135,000,000 to the $183,371,431 noted on the report?
The two biggest problems with the STRP has and always will be that it was put forth based on lies, and it went forward on woefully incomplete analyses.

One should applaud the present governance's effort to do a study on such an important topic, though a complete one will better serve the entire city. For to do otherwise, as this report presently does, will fuel further suspicion towards our government.

So as to once and for all cease this completely inappropriate practice and utter disregard for our input when it comes to our money and health, can we get a COMPLETE report that answers the above questions?

And then maybe we can objectively make a decision, terminate the suspicions, squelch the conspiracy theories, and institute an open and trustworthy governance.


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