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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Billing for Services

As we all know, the present governance is looking to take many services from under the "cap" and in many cases bill them directly to the residents.

To that end, the following is the hypothetical monthly bill that each resident will receive if the present governance has their way:

City of Marco Island
Monthly Combined Utility & Tax Bill

Utility Related Charges
Water - As Is

Water - Reuse

Water - Drinking (Not from City Water)


Sewage Treatment Plant Repair

Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrade

Sewage Treatment Plant Deep Injection Well # 45

Beach Cleanup from Deep Injection Wells Suffusing Aquifer w/Contaminated Water Fund

Reimbursement to Fortune 500 Hotel Chains for Loss of Business due to Beach Cleanup from Deep Injection Wells Suffusing Aquifer w/Contaminated Water

Lease Payments for Fleet of Sewage Lift-Station Pumping Trucks

Bond Interest Payments on Completed Phases of STRP

Compensation to Family of Jorge Viera for being killed Implementing STRP

Reimbursement to Contractor that Paid OSHA Fine Regarding Jorge Viera being killed Implementing STRP

Special Assessment
(not subject to "Cap")
Fire Department

Parks & Recreation

Public Information Department (City-Wide Subscription to Naples Daily News)

Former City Manager Never-Ending Departure Compensation Package

Police Chief Never-Ending Job Search Assistance Fund

Police Chief Marital Issues Support Fund

Former Councilpersons Legal Defense Fund

Jolley Bridge Toll - Supplemental Expenses

Contractor Asbestos Cleanup Reimbursement

"Marco Man" - Ray Charles Visual Art Appreciation Award

Attorneys Fees: Hydrogen Sulfide Class Action Lawsuit

"Teen" Center

"Pre-Teen" Center

"Post-Teen" Center

"Post-Mortem" Center

Stipend for resurrected Political Action Committee to hold more Hate Rallies (with wine and cheese)

Dog Defecation Monitoring Department

STRP Economic Impact Reimbursement Plan for Businesses

STRP Economic Impact Reimbursement Plan for Residents

Your Present Governance at Work!


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