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Sunday, June 24, 2007

The DiSciullo Gambit

As the charade unfolded at the last city council meeting, it became obvious to any sentient being that the whole matter of moving the election back to November had been orchestrated in advance.

With the pretense fooling no one, the honest citizenry quickly realized that the present governance had put the city through yet another violation of the government in the sunshine laws.

As the cries of abuse and arrogance reverberated through the emailsphere and blogsphere, the only person who voted for the delay with a conscience realized she had been duped.

We can only surmise that Mrs. Terri DiSciullo did not want to be once again suffused into the
undertow of the present governance and therefore went public with the scam. She wrote letter and lobbied the honest citizens of the island.

The response from the city manager and his denizens was predictable. Attack, accuse, intimidate, and threaten. An old story.

But the still evolving ordeal has left the honest citizenry in an utterly indecisive quandary: Is Mrs. DiSciullo simply acting in an attempt to rehabilitate her image as a precursor to running for re-election? Or is she genuinely indignant?

We tend to believe the latter but there is one sure way to find out.

We tend to believe the latter because if you recall, the last obvious criminal endeavor by the present governance (Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act violations due to threatening voters) was quickly submerged in the avalanche of backpedaling from an emergency city council meeting that was hastily called by the then council chairperson … Mrs. DiSciullo.

The sure way to find out is for Mrs. DiSciullo to simply answer the following: If she is truly offended and believe to have been violated by what has transpired, contact Sgt. D. A. White of the Collier County Sheriff’s Office at 239-774-4434 (email Dwhite2@sao.cjis20.org) and inform him of the details in this matter. Sgt. White is the detective presently undertaking the investigation of the previous violations of the Sunshine Law by the present governance of Marco Island.

There is clearly a moral and ethical obligation to report the details of such a sham.

We will see what Mrs. DiSciullo does, and we pray, irrespective of her political intentions, that she doe the moral and ethical thing.


  • -----Original Message-----
    From: terridisciullo@comcast.net [ mailto:terridisciullo@comcast.net]
    Sent: Wednesday, June 20, 2007 3:55 PM
    To: bmoss@cityofmarcoisland.com
    Cc: Bill Trotter; Mike Minozzi; Glenn Tucker; Ted Forcht; Rob Popoff; Chuck Kiester
    Subject: Fwd: election date

    Dear Bill,

    I am at work and check my emails throughout the day so they don't pile up on me by the time I get home. When I do that, I dock myself - afterall, I'm not working. I have checked my email several times today, and each time I open it, there are at least 10-15 emails. They are written by people I have never heard of before.

    I must say that I am very resentful of what happened Monday night. I do not like the way I was treated by some of your staff on Friday and Monday by suggesting that this November election thing may be a good thing. It was expressed in a way that was just thought up. It is obvious to me that members of the council had discussed this with you and Rich many days before it was thrown out there to me.

    The people elected me to serve from March 2004 - March 2008. I see no extenuating circumstances to allow me to serve for 8 more months. I voted to move to first reading for a few reasons: 1. So that our residents could comment, since Mr. Minozzi wouldn't allow public comment. 2. So that Ted could be there to express his opinions.

    I realize that there are important issues to continue to work on in the coming years, but there are many intelligent people out there who deserve the right to run for public office. And I have no doubt that there will be good councilors and not-so-good councilors, but they deserve the respect to run. I did - and I could do it again for another four if I choose to.

    I am very disappointed in the behavior of both city staff and other council members, and I intend to vote NO on moving the election to November of 2008. I believe that we should have the election in Jan. as the legislature wants us to and taking seats in March.

    I don't need the summer to think about this. I have made up my mind.

    Terri DiSciullo

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Monday, June 25, 2007 6:39:00 PM  

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