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Friday, June 22, 2007

The Council Follies

Let’s merely summarize the latest Marx Brothers routine by the present city governance.

The city staff (a.k.a. the city manager) privately orchestrates a plan to delay the election until November. As soon as the plan is pegged for what it really is - a violation of the state's Sunshine Law - Graucho, Harpo, Zeppo, Gummo and Chico commence the by now well rehearsed routine of he-said-she-said and its-all-a-big-misunderstanding and lets-rehabilitate-our-image-by-pleading-our-spin-to-the-usual-citizens.

What is truly amazing is why the council should undertake yet another boorish performance of making yet another crime look as if it never happened. Surely, it’s not as if Inspector Clueso of the Collier County Sheriff's Department, the languid laggard that is mentally masturbating the plethora of Sunshine Law violations by the present governance is going to do anything more than write denial letters to the citizens that are doing his job.

Nearly four years of Monkey Business now moves to A Night at the Opera. Keep watching because soon it will be A Day at the Races.


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