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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Partial Victory for Now

The present governance’s decision to consider changing their illegal mandate of when homeowners have to hookup to the sewer in order to comply with state law is a monumental victory for the rule of law. It is a greater triumph for the citizens of Marco Island, especially those 159 brave residents that risked the standard retribution by being part of the class action suit.

Leave no doubt – it was the class action suit that forced the present governance to even consider changing their unlawful fiat on this issue. Despite having been warned and being asked repeatedly to explain the dichotomy between their 90-days mandate and the state’s 365 requirement, all of which were summarily ignored, the present governance did nothing hoping they could get away with it. Irrespective of what occurs or fails to occur at the next council meeting, the present governance is on its way to not getting away with it.

However, for the moment, this is a partial victory. We proclaim loud and clear – finally, a victory for the rule of law, a victory for people that make this republic, a victory for all of those noble efforts that have failed to halt the abuses of government.

A victory that we can rejoice in only partially and perhaps temporarily.

Under the “let’s see what else we can get away with” model, the proposed ordinance being considered at the next council meeting will allow hookup to the sewer system in 365 days but … guess what? You have to pay some charge now! And who knows what else in 90 days – because of course it all depends on the “Plan B if Not Plan A” referendum.

Assuming that the city council goes along with this latest scheme from the city manager, then this is but a victory for now, and thereby moving onto the next phase of the class action lawsuit ensues.

But perhaps we can all hope and pray for the best.

We all know what is driving every decision related to the STRP – money. The hookup/pay in 90 days was but one element in the STRP financial Ponzi scheme needed to pay for something that is not needed nor can be afforded.

But perhaps we can all hope that the city council will consider that the rule of law and the requirements of its citizens – the citizens that have granted them the right to govern us – clearly and unequivocally trump financial considerations. Especially one so ill conceived.

On behalf of those brave 159 citizens, and on behalf of all residents that respect the laws and bounty that this great country has provided to each and every one of us, a public appeal to the city council to make the hookup and the charges both in 365 days.

And this way all of us – citizens, council members alike – can all claim a permanent victory.


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