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Friday, June 08, 2007

Compromising on Principle is No Virtue

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  • So by not voting, you do send a message but if anyone at all votes then they will have decided it for you.

    It is a non-sequiter ballot.

    Do you think the reason for the aceleration was to move so when the election hits no new council members can make changes and stop the replacement? I do.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Friday, June 08, 2007 12:45:00 PM  

  • To me it does not matter.

    Given a choice between A) two crimes [say Crime 1 and Crime 2] and B)not choosing at all, I will always choose B irrespective of the consequences of Crime 1 or Crime 2.

    Why anyone willingly chooses to vote for a scam - a scam that takes away their rights - regardless of what happens - to me in mind numbing.

    In retort, those that are "deciding for me" are then deciding to commit a crime and in which case I say let them for they will have it on their conscience.

    This issue is not too different from the myriad moral dilemmas of history. People actually voted FOR slavery, FOR treating women as 2nd class citizens, FOR infanticide, FOR racism, FOR ... All because they too at that time thought they had no choice. (Or maybe they did but thought it politically or financial expedient to vote?? Sadly, again, any historian will tell you that is exactly what many did - and still do to this day - look at the color and race of the people doing your lawn.)

    Well, any historian will tell you that in fact they did have a choice. They could have opted not to vote, and they could have opted to be activists (a la John Brown). But they chose politics, or laziness or MONEY over god, soul and country. Fair enough, that is mankind.

    When you don't vote in a sham or for criminals or for pols, the election has no mandate and the elected have no mandate. That is the wonder of this great experiment in democracy.

    Those that are "deciding for me" are in fact not deciding anything for me. Its their vote - its their decision. The consequences of their decision rests with them.

    And yes, since I don't perpetuate frauds or shams or scams or Ponzi schemes (read: STRP) I do look AND WORK FOR the day that all of this will be stopped legally - and it can be.

    I am certain that the STRP as we know it can be stopped when people of conscience, virtue, honesty and will take office. The means by which to do this are already in place.

    And on that day I will rejoice in knowing that I did not compromise my principles, and that no one decided anything for me.

    Thank you for your comment.

    By Blogger Dr. Mario, at Friday, June 08, 2007 1:58:00 PM  

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