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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Dr. Guidry in Jail …

Dr. Andrew Guidry is in jail because:

  • He lied about having pictures of octogenarians planting asbestos,
  • He lied about having a permit to discharge toxic effluent into the Gulf of Mexico,
  • He oversaw the pumping of toxic effluent into the Gulf of Mexico in violation of the Clean Water Act,
  • He lied about asbestos being crushed on Marco Island,
  • He oversaw the crushing and burying of asbestos on Marco Island in violation of the Clean Air Act,
  • He lied about a cistern costing $5,000 to install (when the actual cost is $400),
  • He conducted a fraudulent investigation as to whom was crushing asbestos so as to buy time,
  • He lied about proving reclaimed water to all houses on the island,
  • He was instrumental in having the city go into $400million debt from having to install a sewer system to benefit the condos, hotels and businesses,
  • He oversaw the deep-injection that sends “treated” water seep into the Gulf of Mexico and cause Red Tide which is a health hazard.
Wait … hang on … oops, sorry, all of these nefarious deeds were committed by others that are NOT in jail …

As Bob Dylan wrote … “Where justice is a game, now all the criminals in their coats and their ties, are free to drink martinis and watch the sunrise.”

Therein the good ‘ol boy network of Collier County.


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