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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

As Predicted Here on the Marco Island Blog ...

As this blog correctly predicted nine months ago on February 18, 2012, President Obama was reelected.

(See http://marcoislandblog.blogspot.com/2012/02/reelecting-worst.html#links).

And on Marco Island, one syndicate operative was able to sneak onto the city council despite a flushing (as into the sewer) of his incumbent cohorts.

With a near-unanimous expulsion of the syndicate from the city council, there may be hope for Marco Island yet. Same cannot be said for the nation.

Reelecting Barack was in the cards long ago. It was obvious to those that cared to look, to those that were not understandably blinded by the hope that the deleterious transformation of America from something like a democracy to corporate and freeloaders’ socialism would be reversed.

The republicans and their candidates, their machines and the talking heads on Fox News all focused on exposing countless lies, the harm and death brought upon the people, the denigration of a certain class of citizens, the debt and spending that is nothing short of criminal.

Did it ever occur to any of these geniuses that the now-proven majority want to be lied to, could care less if an ambassador was allowed to be murdered, funneling hundreds of billions of dollars to their cronies, relish vilifying the “rich”, and are happy as clams passing the financial-debacle down to the next generations?

It never occurred to them that when democratic institutions become prostituted by chum capitalism, by special interests, by lobbyist usurping the responsibility of a congress, then lying and stealing and cheating and harming people matters not. Daily talk-radio and Fox News detailed the lies and the harm and shams and the debt and how the Constitution is routinely violated. As if any of it mattered to the majority.

The republicans and their candidates, their machines and the talking heads on Fox News espoused the proven benefits of free-market capitalism, that staid “invisible hand” of Adam Smith. But they failed to realize that all they were doing was fueling the visceral hatred of the republican and their candidate because even the uneducated K-14 graduates know that what we have is anything but a Dr. Milton Friedman system of capitalism – we have a syphilitic brothel of corporate whores and their John’s in congress. At least the democrats who are just as much sluts are smart enough to not claim that what exists today is a free-market or capitalism.

The republicans and their allies on talk radio and on Fox News were suckered in so many ways that they never bothered to espouse the means by which fixing the problems could be relegated to the people. In fact, they unwittingly went out or of their way to push votes to their enemies. In but one example, has anyone ever bothered to hear how conservative talk radio and Fox News referred to the “Hispanic Vote?” Such drove the “Hispanic Vote” – whatever that is other than a hoary racial trope – to the democrats. (How many “Hispanics” does it take to reelect a socialist despite “Hispanics” abhorring socialism? The answer is: How many “Hispanics” are on conservative talk radio and how many “Hispanics” are on Fox News’ main cable channel at any time slot?)

Add to this stupidity the emasculation of the K-14 “educational” system, and thanks to the systematic replacement of teachers with “educators”, and thanks to the school administrators that continually instill trendy social practices into the classroom at the expense of teaching math, we have raised a generation that the overwhelming majority expect to be cared for by the government. Their incentive to learn has been negated by the expectation that all they need will be provided. They expect their education, birth control, cell phones, community volunteering (now an “educational” requirement), health care and future will be given to them by the government and paid for by “others.” They are correct in expecting all of these wonderful things from a benevolent government that gives everything for after all that’s what they are taught and is all that they have come to know. Hence, detailing the serious problems this nation is facing was irrelevant.

The main campaign slogan of Barack was “Forward.” Erie how nearly identical it is to Fidel Castro’s phrase, repeated ad nausea for the last fifty-plus years: “¡Somos socialistas, para adelante y para adelante!” … “We are socialist, forward and forward!

In all, an easy prediction that the Manchurian Candidate, that the “huckster” as Dennis Miller aptly described, was reelected.


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