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Friday, March 30, 2012

New eLibrary on Marco Island Blog

In preparation for the continued prosecution of the lawsuit filed against this online newspaper, all of the pictures and videos and documents that have served to document many events in the last six years, most notable of which is the sordid history of what the syndicate has done to Marco Island is now in one convenient place.

The Marco Island Blog now has a one-click button (Blog eLibrary – Documents, Pictures & Videos) that will display a link to hundreds of pictures, hours of video and myriad documents.

The documents released by the EPA as a results of this online newspaper's successful Freedom of Information Act lawsuit are in the eLbirary. As well as videos of the syndicate's pumping millions of gallons of toxic effluent into the Gulf of Mexico. As well as the pictures of the asbestos crushing and pulverizing. As well as myriad news reports covered by non-local media. And much much more.

And of course there is the comic relief. The "Hitler Plans the Marco Island Sewer Project" video, the video of the now defunct local hate group, the "there be fecal" statement by a city councilor, and other humorous if not tragic chronicles of what happens when there is a kakistocracy.

So enjoy.


  • The time is coming, there are hints that a team is coalescing, under the mantra of "misinformation". The players I see, Mr. Magel and Mr. Arceri are raising their glasses in a toast to the rid this island of those with a different vision. Your library may be a resource to remind the folks of past "visionaries". It is only my opinion, but when I read LTE's by Mr. Magel and Mr. Arceri with the theme being misinformation, I get a bit concerned.

    I guess my perspective is now been replaced with the term misinformed.

    We may need more historical perspective to rid this city of "visionaries" running on a platform of ridding this town of misinformation.

    The traps have been baited!

    By Anonymous ajm3s, at Sunday, April 01, 2012 10:25:00 AM  

  • yes - the syndicate is already telling the people on marco what they are going to do. like all tyrants they tell us in advance their plots. like 1930's europe, and now like iran, the warnings are continual. while a majority of the world ignores these promises, marco is unique that everyone except a handful of people ignore these promises. so expect another several years of the syndicate doing whatever they please and for those of you that stay good luck

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sunday, April 01, 2012 3:54:00 PM  

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