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Monday, March 26, 2012

Exposing How another Syndicate Exploits Good

Letter given to the Pope by Amel Olivares, delegate of the CID in Italy, Alessandro Bertoldi leader of the youth of the PDL (people of freedom) party President National The voice of the students of Italy VIS and Huber Matos, Secretary General of the movement Cuba Independent and Democratic (CID)

His Excellency Benedict XVI

Vatican City

Miami, Milano, Bolzano, 22 March 2012

Your next trip to Cuba it is important for the Catholic Church, for the people and for the tyranny, that intends to manipulate its presence. For these reasons we cannot ignore the high political content of his visit. The Catholic hierarchy in Cuba has declared he wants this to be disturbed by any of the parties. With this argument they have expelled opponents of several churches. The end of ask the action of the police was reached in Havana. This is an act of legitimization of the same repressive force which for years has harassed, arrested and killed Cuban Democrats. It is a very serious precedent that reporters without borders and the democratic opposition have condemned.

His imminent arrival has raised in many hopes that you help unlock the desperate situation in which they live, or at least contain the illusion that the Church supports them morally. This is entirely reasonable, the most beautiful pages of the Church were those in which has defended and protected the persecuted by tyrannies.

The regime plans to manipulate your visit.The prestigious director of coexistence, Dagoberto Valdez, magazine has reported that the: "Cuban Government prepares the visit of the Pope to suppress access to white ladies churches and dissidents". The dictatorship is preparing groups of fans they are armed and ready to attack those who during her visit want to claim rights or ask for his help. Castro Ambassador at the Vatican has dared to say publicly that: "we do not put conditions to his Holiness, but logically for the Cuban people and to the Government it would be painful for a group do not represent anything, are mercenaries, acting against the Cuban nation, were received by his Holiness".

The Castro regime is on track to an end. His promises of change have no credibility or possibilities. They were giving to the church because they know lost, but no move will save the tyranny. Cubans are not going to compromise by economic improvements. Cubans are a rebellious people which was forged in a long war of independence. In this fight against communist totalitarianism the Church has heroes how father Loredo and many martyrs, young Cubans who were executed shouting Viva Cristo Rey! There are priests on the island the people he admires as his defenders. If the opposition, which represents the aspirations of the people, is ignored as "mercenaries" the dictatorship will have won a Pyrrhic victory and the Church will have suffered a defeat that we will all have to mourn.

With the faith that God to throw what light they are from you:

Huber Matos

Amel Olivares

Alessandro Bertoldi


  • Dr. Mario,

    I don't know whose translation this was but it is not into any know language. If you could make a better, readable translation into English it would be appreciated.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Monday, March 26, 2012 12:56:00 PM  

  • sorry for that - its what we received. not enough bandwidth to translate manually. next time we wont post. apologies.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wednesday, March 28, 2012 4:06:00 PM  

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