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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lethal Water Tragedy to Air on MSNBC

Approximately one year ago I was contacted by the U.S. Marine Corps asking me to participate in a study resulting from my time as a Marine at Camp Lejeune nearly four decades earlier. The purpose of the study is to determine the extent by which Marines that were stationed at Camp Lejeune were harmed from contaminated water.

The problem is quite serious. Many Marines have died and many are suffering from illnesses resulting from ingesting and bathing in water infused with known carcinogens such as TCE (TCE is trichloroethylene – it is a colorless liquid used as a solvent and for dry cleaning) and PCE (PCE is perchloroethylene – it is also used for dry-cleaning and as a degreaser) to name but two.

As we would expect, especially by those of us here on Marco Island that "lived" through the pulverizing of asbestos, from the release of poisoned gas into the air, and from pumping toxic effluent into the waterways – all from the sewer project, the contamination in Camp Lejeune and the resultant deleterious effects were denied by the government and of course by the Environmental Protection Agency. Akin to the denial by the syndicate and the "staff" here on Marco Island, and at on the onset by the Environmental Protection Agency, it took one activists to bring the matter to light and eventually forced the EPA to act, again just like here on Marco Island.

We do not know what the long-term health effects will be from the City of Marco Island releasing asbestos into the air, from discharging lethal levels of hydrogen sulfide gas into the air, and from pumping millions of gallons of toxic effluent into the waterways.

It is unclear if the contamination in Camp Lejeune was intentional – unlike here on Marco Island where it was deliberate, premeditated and willful. We do know that the same type of Marco Island-styled morally and intellectually corrupt individuals in Camp Lejeune also took part in prolonged denials, besmirching and obfuscation long enough so as to come to haunt us Marines. More than haunt, their actions has harmed my brothers and your protectors beyond imagination.

For those of us that served as U.S. Marines especially during the aforementioned tumultuous time in our history known as the Vietnam Era, the aphorism by Clare Boothe Luce is terribly salient: no good deed goes unpunished.

Please watch this Friday February 24 at 10PM on MSNBC the 2011 film entitled "Semper FI: Always Faithful." This film has received myriad awards and accolades. (Do check your local listings to be sure of the time slot.)

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