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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Larry Sacher for Marco Island City Council


Larry Sacher for 

Marco Island City Council


My Goals if you elect me to Marco City Council 


Some of my Goals if you elect me to serve you on Marco City Council 


I promise I won't overwhelm you with Newsletters and e-mails, however Judy and I are taking a long-planned trip this coming weekend, and when I return, I've got a lengthy surgery and recovery period for my back, therefore I wanted to get out something that would help you understand my position on some of the issues the Island faces (there's more, and I look forward to your comments and suggestions).  I'm grateful for all the positive feedback and contributions I've received so far, and welcome an ongoing dialogue.  Some of my goals:


Accountability of City of Marco Island Management/Boards/Committees/Council

  • Establish a Charter Review Committee (consisting of all new members) to review, among some of the issues:

(1)  Dollar spending limits for the City Manager and other management

(2)  Dollar amount of City Council-approved projects that would require a referendum or special election.

  • Elect members to the Planning Board Commission instead of appointment by City Council Members (political patronage).
  • Establish term limits for all citizen's committees and boards, including the Planning Board.
  • For Council, require that all communication to Council be at least 24 hours in advance of a meeting.


Development and Direction of Marco Island Determined by Seeking and Acting on input from Citizens, MICA, MITA, Homeowners, Condos, Business Owners and Other Groups

  • Personally, I do not support the notion that Marco Island is referred to by some as "Myrtle Beach South". Some of the businesses on the Island do not pay their fare share for services (including water/wastewater) and too many locally-owned and operated businesses cannot compete with the retail chains that come to our Island.
  • Seek input on how the current Citizens want to see Marco develop, especially in light of recent "tourist friendly" steps (2 mini-golf courses, horse drawn carriages, etc.)
  • In "comprehensive planning" seek and consider community input including surveys.

 Sound Accounting Principals Applied to All City Financial Activities

  • Improved financial practices including a more rigorous budgeting process with more involvement from both Council and the Community
  • Focus Capital spending on necessary expenditures rather than on non-essential or 'nice to have' projects
  • Require open, easily available documentation to show that the City of Marco is honoring the spending cap and working on a true "zero based (balanced) budget," especially in relation to the interaction of the accounts for the City General Fund and Marco Utilities.
  • Current City practice, except where required by law (Fire and Police Departments), the City pays an extra 25-30% to each employee in lieu of benefits; further, should an employee choose to not use sick-pay or vacation-pay they not only 'double-dip' on their pay, but also get this additional money. I would require a full accounting of the potential liabilities of employee payments to purchase benefits, and the effects of employees not taking vacation or sick days on those payments.
  • Eliminate current practice of "pooled accounting" and establish specific funds for allocating costs so they are easily traceable.
  • Require full disclosure of sources and use of funds for projects.
  • Require public disclosure of all Consulting arrangements, including costs and scope of work

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Clarification Regarding my comments about the City of Marco Island Police Department 


In my recent Commentary I cited several items specific to the Marco Island Police Department. I did not intend to demean the MIPD, rather, my point was to emphasize, as with the other issues I identified, how out of control our City is and to highlight the fact that the 'Board' (i.e. City Council) is not 'managing the managers'.  The Taxpayers of Marco Island are paying for this lack of control and it must be addressed.







Larry Sacher
Larry Sacher for Marco City Council



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