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Friday, January 27, 2012

Liar Sues Victim

A liar is outed on the internet by a whistle-blower and victim.

What does the liar do? Sues the person that exposes the lies.

It doesn't matter that there is evidence collaborating the lies. Sue them to shut them up.

That is the case from New York where a woman exposes her ex boyfriend for what he is. The ex boyfriend - having the syndicate and the power of the courts behind him - sues the ex girlfriend for the usual nonsense: defamation, libel, slander and of course torturous interference.

The now twice victim - the woman who exposes the liar - has obtained a lawyer. The lawyer stated that there are dire predictions for freedom if the plaintiff (the liar) is successful in silencing the truth. The lawyer also said:
It seems ironic that men can lie and cheat and then look to the courts for legal protection.

I think the minimum the women should be allowed to do is to speak out and speak the truth about the men who they have had relationships [with] and about the men who have hurt them.

We believe lawsuits like this should not be allowed. This is free speech. Women must have a voice and be able to speak to each other on matters of common interest without fear of being dragged into court.
As now American is officially socialist, it is well on its way on losing its freedom of speech.

Congratulations for also allowing your rights to free speech to evaporate.



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