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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Now is the Time

Now is one of those rare times in a democracy where We the People can prevail over the stolid bureaucracy.

Now on Marco Island it has been identified, demonstrated and shared with the public the chronic abuse of trust by the current city management as inherited from the former city management. Beyond abuse of trust, there is outright deception, gross mismanagement and even conspiracy as related to the environmental crimes.

Now on Marco Island we have in Dr. Recker a councilor that is standing on principle in that these abuses cannot be tolerated. His reported initiates demand that we all support him.

Anyone that does not support the removal of those that took part directly or indirectly in corruption, mismanagement, conspiracy or environmental contamination, are just as guilty as those that commit the corruption, mismanagement, conspiracy and environmental contamination.

If there is one councilor that votes against any initiative to terminate the city manager and the city public works director – at this time with all of the proof and with the threat of federal prosecution – then now is the time to let go of the American dream.

When alliances and anxiety and interminable patience are employed to conceal the lack of resolve for fear that any action will alienate someone or some group, there is clearly no hope.

We see these kinds of sell-outs daily in Washington and decry how those politicians are out of touch with America. But if the sell-out happens in the smallest community, then what is left?

Convictions start at the community level, for that is the foundation of a republic. If the elected stand up openly and vote for something as obvious as flushing out corruption and mismanagement from the very bodies that are supposed to be "serving the public", then there exists the basis for saving the republic at the national level.

But if the local elected officials whine and wail and derive every imaginable excuse for not ridding our city of the proven abuses, then they have no conscience, and they, and not Obama or Reid or Pelosi or the unions or the "far left" are what is wrong with America. It is the local elected officials that refuse to act with moral and intellectual certitude that have corrupted the process that makes the Washington of Obama and Reid and Pelosi and unions and the "far left".

How many years have we waited for someone like Dr. Recker to even consider what was self-evident? How many years have we tolerated the Minozzi-Tucker-Popoff abuses of our civil rights by not even being allowed to mention at the podium the now proven abuses? What did it take for the EPA to act, and after how many years after the city management and the city council pulverized concrete infused with asbestos spreading clouds of fine asbestos-dust over parts of this island including two schools? What did it take for the EPA to act, and after how many years after the city management and the city council dumped millions of gallons of untreated effluent into the swales and Gulf of Mexico while lying to the public and the EPA as to what permit they had?

And now, when we can put these things behind us, we have councilors that are not going to purge the very people that committed these abuses? What exactly as these vacillators now waiting for?

America is running out of Reagans and Reckers. And that is not because they just don't exist, or because we can't find anyone that we agree with on everything, it is simply because you don't want them to exist. And don't hold your hopes up with GOOH or with Tea Parties or with 9/12'ers because it is not a group that creates or saves or turns an empire, but it is through the actions of single individuals of courage. It took but a few men to make America, and but five men to topple the richest nation on earth.

So when the next sign on the road to socialism comes from Washington, don't send out emails with caricatures of Obama or Reid or Pelosi, but of those local city councilors that allowed themselves to be compromised by coercion or by fear or by anything other than proceeding openly and expeditiously with upholding the public trusts.


  • Attend the meeting, and form a procession to the podium of all individuals who wish to voice there opinions. Let the line continuue until all have spoken.

    Now is the time to see if the Council will turn this wayward ship.

    We will be there. In respeonse to your comments on GOOH, Tea Party or 9/12's, I must say that I believe members of these groups never engaged with the government in the past. I believe they make up a new voice that was in the past deemed the silent majority during the 1980's. They never thought the Constitution would be interpreted as simply an historical document that is irrelevent as seen in the eyes of the current administration.

    By Blogger Ann, at Monday, April 19, 2010 9:43:00 AM  

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