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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another Useless Politician

Come election time, they want your votes. Come time to act, they hide.

Congressman Connie Mack.

Your congressman was personally asked on November 10, 2009 to call for a congressional investigation as to why the United States Environmental Protection Agency did not prosecute the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the contractors, and certain staff at the City of Marco Island that violated the federal Clean Water Act.

Congressman Mack first claimed ignorance of the environmental crimes on Marco Island – both the dumping of millions of gallons of effluent into the estuaries and waterways and Gulf of Mexico, and as to pulverizing, dumping, burying and the illegal removal of asbestos. Despite these crimes being covered ad nausea by the printed and TV press in his district, he claimed he knew nothing. Fair enough.

But he did agree to look into the matter.

After four months of waiting for the Congressman to look into the matter, and after many reminders, a clerk in his office finally replied: Congressman Mack is not interested. On behalf of the Congressman, the clerk cited the EPA's privacy objection in that the EPA did not want to embarrass those that actually committed these crimes.

So as opposed to standing up for his constituents, Congressman Mack scurried into oblivion by standing up for those that harmed his constituents.

Don't you just love this country?

Is there any wonder that the Tea Party movement's agenda to eliminate ALL OF THESE POLITICIANS is so popular?

So the next time you receive one of those idiotic email chains decrying the actions of the Socialist-Democrat straw man in the white house, consider the Republican "conservative" sellouts of Crist and Mack and the local syndicate.

Oh, and speaking of Crist appointing those who contributed to his campaign and then covering up for their misdeeds (no, not the Marco Island appointment and the related FDEP stand-down when it was time to investigate the environmental crimes), just this week we get:

There is a call for federal investigators to look into whether Charlie Crist traded judicial appointments for campaign contributions from Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein. "State campaign finance records show a troubling pattern of large contributions from Mr. Rothstein and immediate and subsequent appointments of Judges to the Fourth District Court of Appeals, …"

Remember: the majority in the City Council stated on the record that Crist spoke with them personally and stated that "Marco Island will get a sewer system whether they like it or not!"

Don't you just love this country?


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