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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Grand Jury Impaneled !!!

The Florida Supreme Court, after considering a second motion, has GRANTED a request by Crist to impanel a grand jury to investigate municipal corruption in several Florida counties.

(click here for the order)

Collier County is one of those counties - naturally. A grand jury to investigate the repulsive shenanigans of the local good ol' boy network is a welcomed initiative supporting the rule of law.

We are now in the process of submitting to the grand jury a request to incorporate into their criminal investigation of Collier County the following events/issues:

  • The process and eventual rejection of the recall petitions by a Collier County judge
  • The STRP
  • The staging, crushing, pulverizing and illegal removal of asbestos - and the lack of prosecution
  • The dumping of millions of gallons of effluent into the waterways - and the lack of prosecution
  • The law enforcement agencies involved or not involved in investigating the asbestos and effluent dumping
  • Voter intimidation
  • The syndicate
We continue: backwards not even to gain momentum!


  • Mario, if this happens it will be the most important event in the history of Marco Island. I believe it will wake up the voters to the self serving abuses perpetrated by A,M,L,J, (letters of first names are used due to a previous formal threat by A to sue me if I used his name} and their crowd that have destroyed the tranquility of our paradise. You are to be commended for the perseverance and intelligence that it has taken to bring things to this point. Thank you for your efforts.

    By Anonymous Roger Hall, at Thursday, December 03, 2009 10:57:00 AM  

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