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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Council Supports Environmental Initiative

The City Council yesterday unanimously approved a motion to negate the City imposed inspection fees for septic-to-cistern conversion. Additionally, the City Council agreed to send a letter asking Collier County to abate the county's unilaterally imposed fee for the conversion.

This action by the City Council may seem small to some – it has not even been covered by the local media – but in reality it is a major step in demonstrating an environmental consciousness that all of us must have. Through this important initiative, the City can start to reclaim the high ground of being stewards of this fragile area.

Now it's up to the homeowners. There is a novel cistern design that requires no electrical and no plumbing. The City inspection fee has been waived upon successful installation. The City supports the idea. There is a contractor on the island willing and able. The cost is tenable. Each home is estimated to save thousands of gallons a year in water, and will stall some water runoff.

So to the homeowners still needing to decommission their septic tanks: do you just enjoy the environment or are you willing to also protect it?

We would like to thank Councilor Kiester for spearheading this initiative, the entire council for voting unanimously, and for the engineering staff under Mr. Joel for their invaluable advice and input.


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