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Thursday, October 29, 2009

EPA Produces Some Documents of Interest

Pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act request by this blog, the United States Environmental Agency just produced approximately 300 pages of heretofore released documents.

The overwhelming majority of the documents are utterly useless, e.g., newspaper clippings, and the recounting City's staff derogatory comments to the EPA regarding the citizens that were complaining.

But there are a very few documents that some may find to be informative.

These informative documents, though redacted, could shed some light as to what the EPA's criminal investigation unit was considering.

227 - Notice EPA's handwritten note on the margin CLICK HERE
232 - EPA confirms City discharge into Gulf illegal CLICK HERE
251 - EPA orders that discharging must cease even after City PWD states permits issued CLICK HERE
306 - EPA "TROUBLED" about $10000 City paid lobbyist CLICK HERE
308 - EPA agent reports water plant records falsified CLICK HERE
309 - EPA reports City/FDEP backdate permits CLICK HERE
310 - EPA notes association between hydrogen sulfide discharge and lung illness CLICK HERE
318 - Marco Island violates the Federal Clean Water Act - permits or no permits, backdated or not, City violated federal law by discharging effluent dewatering into the Gulf CLICK HERE

These documents were redacted by the EPA and are produced herein as they were produced to us.

Under no circumstances does any party suggest that the EPA has complied with the now 1½ year old FOIA request. In fact, the EPA continues to refuse the release of their truly internal documents.

Hence the struggle continues.

Note: in the near future as bandwidth permits, all documents will be posted.


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