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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Be Afraid ... Or Just Laugh

This from today's wire services:

Crist Calls for Grand Jury to Look Into Public Corruption

News Service of Florida - Oct 14th, 2009

Sparked by recent high-profile South Florida cases he said may be part of a “culture of corruption,” Gov. Charlie Crist called Wednesday for impaneling a statewide grand jury to investigate suspected criminal activity by public officials.

If this were to be a genuine transparent effort to investigate all aspects of municipal corruption, then the local syndicate should start thinking about moving back to Michigan.

However, when one considers that a former councilperson's partner was appointed to a statewide commission by Crist - and Crist's name was used repeatedly as having stated "Marco Island will get a sewer system whether they like it or not" - and Crist's FDEP is complicit in the environmental crimes on the island that no one (to date) has been prosecuted - does anyone really think that this grand jury will investigate Crist?

Just laugh.


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