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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Send Message to Council...

from: www.eyeonmarco.com

MARCOITES; Councilman Kiester's comments (as appearing in a local paper) are right on the money regarding the "State of the City"!

Several Councilmembers have indicated they have NOT received much feedback from the Community s-o-o-oo I encourage everyone to go to
www.eyeonmarco.com and click on URGENT to send the below e-mail to ALL City Council Members. (I will also make a hard-copy of all e-mails sent and personally present them to the Council at the August 18,2008 meeting). Please have all members of your household have their voices heard and please forward this e-mail to all your friends, enemies, neighbors, etc. to do the same. Our pocketbook is at stake! Best to you and yours, take care, see you on the WEB!

Bill McMullan
Visit www.eyeonmarco.com or CLICK HERE to go right to the message:

(send this message to the council via www.eyeonmarco.com on the link above):

Message to Marco City Council:
The Nation is experiencing difficult economic times; please do not increase the burden on Marco Citizens! Specifically:

  • Please do NOT increase Ad Valorem Millage Rates above last year's rate!
  • Please do NOT support adding a payment-in-lieu-of-taxes (PILOT) program for the Water Utility
  • Please do NOT support adding a Fire Assessment Fee!
  • Please do NOT support a StormWater Assessment Fee!
  • Please do NOT add more employees, but DO cut expenses and reduce spendin

Respectfully submitted,


  • For Bill McMullan, if Councilman Kiester is so concerned about the "State of the City" why did he vote for the Storm Water Tax? Unless he doesn't know what he is voting for. H. Sarlo

    By Anonymous H. Sarlo, at Friday, August 15, 2008 6:21:00 AM  

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