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Monday, July 14, 2008

Revenue Suggestion No. 182

Here is one (of many) suggestion by which the city can receive the well needed revenue and thereby ameliorate, albeit by a small amount, monies that must be extracted from the citizens.

The “government” channel (Comcast channel 12) broadcasts the city council meetings. But when those events are not taking place, the channel is on a loop of public service messages.
Assuredly, it is important to inform the public about such remarkable topics as the annual birthing rituals of the native turtle. But to repeat the languorous messages ad infinitum is not drawing viewers and seems to accomplish nothing other than to fill air time.

Let’s keep those public service messages contained to say, running at predetermined times, and let’s free up the rest of the air time for … public service advertisers.

These advertisers can buy air time to promote their product and service – as long as there is a clear product/service informational aspect that benefits the community. For example, those companies that provide solar/thermal pool heaters (environment), or those that sell home water softener/purification systems (health) are ideal candidates. There are many, many more such companies.

And to manage/produce? Ad agencies produce these all of the time. For those smaller companies, there is the FGCU, and there is always a HD camera. The scheduling, accounting and accountability is handled by the cable companies. Citizens can volunteer to be the coordinators between the city and the cable companies.

(For that matter, there can be a citizen committee dedicated to bringing/implementing non-tax revenue ideas to the city …)

The revenue to some may not be much, but even if it covers the salary of just one new Marco police/fire/emergency professional, isn’t it worth it?


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